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Alliance Program Categories

Planet 7 Technologies Alliances fall into one of three categories: Systems Integration Alliances, Integrated Software Alliances, and Platform Alliances.

  • Systems Integration Alliances Planet 7 Technologies Systems Integration Alliances are experts in Planet 7 implementations, but may also include market-leading providers of services such as business process redesign, training, and vertical market expertise.
  • Integrated Software Alliances Planet 7 Technologies Software Alliances are primarily software companies that provide Planet 7 customers with software products and applications that complement, interoperate with, and add value to the Planet 7 XML Network Server. These products should interoperate with The XML Network Server to the degree that a Planet 7 Technologies Consulting Alliance or customer's internal IT organization can include them as part of a complete solution.
  • Platform Alliances Planet 7 Technologies Platform Alliances are market leaders in supplying the products, technologies, and services upon which Planet 7 Technologies run. These products include hardware systems, databases, operating systems, telecommunications equipment, connectivity services, and hosting services.

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