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Planet 7 Technologies' XML Network was designed as an open and flexible platform that allows the customer to deploy the best technology for each piece of the integration puzzle. Planet 7 has formed partnerships with the following companies to offer its customers a joint solution built around Planet 7's dynamic XML Network and the best-of-breed features of its partners.

If you are interested in partnering with Planet 7, please see Becoming a Partner or contact us at

WRQ Inc.

WRQ Inc. WRQ's data transformation products provide organizations with a simple and efficient method for accessing data in legacy systems and translating the data into XML. Once the data has been translated into XML, the XML Network allows other systems to exchange and interact with this data in a real-time, synchronized environment. Read the press release.


Extensibility Inc.

Extensibility Inc. Extensibility's XML technology gives organizations on the XML Network the ability to create, convert, manage and process XML schemas and DTDs. The XML Network allows systems to dynamically interact with the XML documents that are created and managed by Extensibility's suite of products. Read the press release.


Allaire Corporation

Allaire Cold Fusion Allaire is a leader in the development of web application servers and visual tools for bringing business to the Web quickly, easily, and cost-effectively. Allaire's Web application servers and visual tools provide systems on the XML Network with the ability to post XML data to the Web and interact with data received from the Web.

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