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XML on the Web

XML on the Web

It's hard to ignore XML's promise, or the breadth of technology it is changing. With its ability to structure data transmitted on the Internet, to describe the content as well as the presentation of this information, and to enable communication between disparate applications, XML promises great efficiencies in fields ranging from Web publishing/content management to application integration to B2B marketplaces. Industry adversaries' (Microsoft's and Sun's, for example) endorsement of XML speaks volumes about its growing, central role in computing.

Here at Planet 7 Technologies, our goal is to provide the most advanced XML messaging platform for organizations stepping up to the tasks of e-business integration. Greater knowledge and understanding of XML helps us, and that is why we provide this list of XML resources available on the Web. Please feel free to suggest additional resources to

The World Wide Web Consortium, the organization that "owns" the specs for XML and HTML.
An independent resource for news, education, and information about the application of XML in industrial and commercial settings. Also provides access to the discussion group XML-DEV.
The Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards is a non-profit, international consortium that creates interoperable industry specifications based on public standards such as XML and SGML.
The XML Cover Pages
This site provides a comprehensive online reference work for the XML and its parent, the Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML).
Publications/Web Sites
An on-line publication with a rich archive of XML articles on different subjects.
XML Journal
This site includes a free article archive and forums. It shares content with the magazine XML Developers Journal and is owned by the same company, Sys-Con Interactive.
XML Times
Charles Goldfarb, XML expert and author of The XML Handbook, edits this information-rich site. XML Times publishes its own articles and aggregates news from XML technology vendors—a good place to keep tabs on the industry.
XML Magazine
The Web version of the popular programmer’s magazine published by Fawcette Technical Publications.
EAI Journal
A good resource for e-business and application integration articles.
Described as a search engine for XML resources, this Web site has content ranging from technical and business news to job opportunities, and includes a list of best XML links.
This portal aggregates information on enterprise application integration, e-business, and middleware topics, and is a great place to find out about the activities of the different vendors in these markets.
Café con Leche XML News and Resources
This collection offers a great deal of technical information and links to specs, tutorials and software.
Developer news for the XML community.
The Web Developer’s Virtual Library – XML Library
An assortment of links to XML specs, articles, tools, products, events and other resources.
As the name implies, this is a big XML site, with news and company links.
Developer and community links.
Startkabel XML
A Dutch site - in English - with possibly more XML links than any other resource.
XML - Like The Air That We Breathe, March 5, 2001
EDI? XML? Or Both?
ComputerWorld, January 8, 2001
XML as the Great Peacemaker
CNet, December 21, 2000
Technology of the Year, December 18/25, 2000
"The young standard spans a variety of industries and has become the universal data interchange language."
What's so great about XML?, November 7, 2000
XML for the absolute beginner
Javaworld Web site
A great tour "from HTML to XML processing with Java."
Why XML?
Web Developer’s Journal
Leading XML guru Simon St. Laurent weighs in on the benefits of XML: simplicity, extensibility, interoperability, and openness. A good introduction.
XML Parser Shootout
J++ Informant
Disenfranchising Middleware
Presents XML as the key to re-using legacy assets and an alternative to middleware.

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